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Staying Energized in the Workplace this Holiday Season and Beyond

The value of physical, emotional and spiritual wellness has gained considerable prominence in the workplace. Study after study has proven the positive effects of wellness on productivity and personal contentment. It can also give the extra energy needed during these busy months and help sustain and grow a rewarding mentoring relationship.


Most of us know firsthand what a terrific sense of health and wellbeing can bring to our personal lives and the happiness and peace of mind it can yield in our relationships, hobbies and personal goals and achievements. To be healthy is to be productive and the following are some simple and somewhat surprising workplace ideas that can promote wellness and increase energy this holiday season and into the New Year:    


Promote healthy food choices – One way to promote healthy food choices (especially this time of year) is to plan a collaborative competition of nutritious snacks or lunch options. Have participants vote on their favorite and be sure to furnish the recipes.


Move for a cause - On any given weekend, there are a number of walks and runs out there to benefit a cause. Put together a team of colleagues and plan for an event a few months out. Then compile a fitness plan to get everyone in-shape for the big day. 


LOL – Everyone knows that laughter is the best medicine to reduce stress and promote wellbeing. Make it a point to share funny stories or quotes with your colleagues from time to time. Make sure that they are in good taste and have universal appeal.


Wednesday Walk – Designate one half hour, one day a week to get out of the office for a fitness break.  You may want to make this a mentoring meeting. You can also see what sweets and treats you have walked off with this calorie calculator:   http://www.everydayhealth.com/Calories-Burned-Walking.htm


Deskersize –Take just a few minutes every few hours and do a small series of arm, leg, neck and whole body stretches.  The time spent is minimal and the effects are invigorating. The following website has some great ideas:   http://greatist.com/fitness/deskercise-33-ways-exercise-work


Organize a fitness library. Almost everyone has a fitness video or two that they mastered or simply did not work for them. Create a small space in your office break area for colleagues to donate and swap fitness and health CDs and books. One’s castoff can be another’s treasure.


Minding the mind - An over stressed and overtaxed mind is not productive. By taking just a few moments during the course of the day to focus on breathing and clearing the mind can refresh and brighten the spirit.


Kindness; speak it - live it – Displaying kindness on a daily basis is both rewarding and energizing. Simple gestures such as bringing a colleague their favorite coffee or even asking them how their day is going can strengthen relationships and lift everyone’s mood. Making a genuine time investment in another can boost energy levels and improve productivity both personally and professionally.  Take a page from your mentor and be generous with your time and talents. Paying it forward can be contagious!


Workplace Wellness Programs do not have to be costly or complicated. It just takes a few fitness minded leaders to get everyone moving and producing!

This article was published in The Training Connection, Inc.'s December 2015 Newsletter.

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