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Team TTC

GINA BECTON is a Training Coordinator to The Training Connection, Inc.(TTC) Gina assists with office administration and day-to-day operations including materials and product management, customer service, and mentoring matching support. She is responsible for managing the DISC pre-work and helping participants with their TTI Success Insights® reports. She will be on hand to direct your call when contacting TTC. and available to assist with The Mentoring Connection (TMC) user management issues.
NICOLE BRIDGE, B.A., is a Writer and Editor for The Training Connection, Inc.(TTC) She has fifteen years of experience working as a writer, editor and project manager. Nicole reviews evaluation data for TTC's mid-point and end of program evaluations and provides recommendations for mentoring program enhancements and improvements. She is also responsible for creating, managing and monitoring mentoring project event schedules and providing customer support and troubleshooting.
SHERE BROWN, M.S., is The Mentoring Connection's (TMC) Program Coordinator and Facilitator for The Training Connection, Inc.(TTC) As a self-proclaimed life-long learner, Shere takes pride in being able to encourage continued learning, growth and professional development. Shere facilitates mentoring matches based on both individual and organizational goals. Additionally, Shere provides overall TMC client support, to include outreach and follow-up, as well as coordinating and facilitating client mentoring forums and trainings, from logistical details to A/V management.
EILEEN MARSHALL, B.A., is The Mentoring Connection's (TMC) Program Manager and a Facilitator for The Training Connection, Inc. (TTC). Eileen is a skilled and energetic facilitator who helps participants enhance their careers while honoring their unique passions, skills and value to the organization. Eileen is a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst (CPBA) and the lead Program Manager for The Mentoring Connection. She is responsible for the customization of TMC, ensuring each client website addresses the specific mentoring needs of the organization. A strong focus of Eileen's work is her oversight of the effectiveness of formal and informal mentoring partnerships and providing strategies and guidance to those matches experiencing challenges.
TAYLOR LUTHER, is a Program Coordinator & Facilitator for The Training Connection, Inc. (TTC). With a background in various career services roles, Taylor is enthusiastic about helping others pursue and achieve their career goals & professional growth. Taylor helps oversee presentations & trainings, from monitoring the organization and production of events to conducting live and webinar sessions. Additionally, she provides client support, to include facilitating mentorship matching and evaluation follow-up as part of TTC’s signature “high-touch” approach to provide an overall positive client experience.
YVONNE MATTHEWS, B.L.S., MBA, is the Finance Director for The Training Connection, Inc.(TTC) Yvonne has over 15 years of experience in a variety of accounting roles. Yvonne manages the day-to-day finance functions, as well as manages proposal submission, contract compliance and invoicing. Her responsibilities also include the management of oversight of TTC's GSA schedule.
KAREN McLAUGHLIN, PhD., is a Training Coordinator for TTC.Karen manages multiple feedback mechanisms and maintains the flow of communication between Team TTC and mentoring program participants. In her role as an advocate and resource for program participants, Karen works with program participants to support their efforts to stay on track with various program activities, troubleshooting any challenges they may be experiencing. Additionally, Karen is responsible for the customization of mentoring evaluations and the compilation, organization and review of data for mid-point and end of program reports. Her role is an integral link in the feedback loop that measures the success and efficacy of mentoring program performance, both for the individual and for the agency/organization.
CORINNA NATALE, A.S., A.A.S., serves as a Training Coordinator, Graphic Designer, and Social Media Manager. Corinna is responsible for keeping communications flowing between mentoring program participants, management, and the various Program Coordinators nationwide. She also serves as a mentoring liaison, providing on-line training and suggestions for building strong mentoring action plans. Additionally, as The Training Connection's (TTC) Social Media Manager, Corinna has created a presence for TTC on Facebook, Twitter, and maintains The Mentoring Connection's Discussion Forum.
JENIFER (JENNY) PACHECO , is a Training Coordinator for The Training Connection, Inc. (TTC). Jenny assists with keeping the day-to-day activities running smoothly while helping to keep communication flowing between Team TTC and the mentoring program participants. As a program participant advocate, Jenny works with mentorees and mentors to address issues and ensures that the participants know that their perspectives are heard.