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"Although I am unable to talk on behalf of other people, I can assure you that my participation in this program definitely placed me on the path of success in my career and for the rest of my life: the priceless words of increase self-confidence; reinforced determination; and maintenance of career focus are tools that I acquired through my two years with my mentor, and I can assure you that there is a huge difference between where I stand today, professionally, compared to how I approached the world of work, before I started the program."
- 2016 DOC Mentoring Program Participant Gueber Lamour

I will always be an advocate for this program and the Command.
"This was a fantastic blending of professional exercises which challenged your thinking and view about you as an individual and your career. The entire staff should feel proud of raising the bar."
- 2015 MCSC Mentoring Program Participant Jeffrey Wilson

Your team is all kinds of wonderful!!!
"Your team is all kinds of wonderful!!! Thanks."
- Mentoring Program Coordinator Sendia Spradley

Thank-you all for everything that you've done...
"Thank-you all for everything that you've done to help each one of us in the DHS Mentoring Program. I'm sure that your efforts haven't gone unnoticed nor unappreciated; they are certain to bear much fruit in the lives of each of us who participated. Thank-you again for your unselfish work in helping us to improve ourselves and, in effect, to improve our abilities to defend our great nation!"
With much thanks and appreciation, - 2013 DHS Mentee

TTC staff is top notch!
"TTC employees never tell you they can't assist you because they are a team that provides the highest quality standards from the President of the TTC to the Student Interns. TTC employs the best and brightest in the field and from every training session they provide the evaluations are always outstanding. With TTC you feel like you are their primary customer and not just a contract."
- Past Mentoring Program Coordinator.

Mentoring Volunteers Fill Gap at the U.S. Department of State:
When the Office of Major Events and Conferences Staff (M/MECS) needed volunteers quickly, they knew where to turn. They contacted the Civil Service Mentoring Program, which quickly spread the word to its 900+ members, looking for volunteers to assist with the July 2013 U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue. Within 24 hours, more two dozen volunteers had stepped in to fill the gap, providing 30% of the total volunteers. The Director of M/MECS stated, "I was so impressed with the overwhelming response. Volunteers are vital to State's conference planning, and the Mentoring Program really came through for us."

Condoleezza Rice on Mentoring at Department of State
"This is an important program. It's important to the Department. It's important to me."
- Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, speaking at the Civil Service Mentoring Kick-Off.

I could not have found a better mentor...
"I could not have found a better mentor. She has become a confidante and friend. It has been wonderful to be able to have someone to lean on for guidance and assistance and to provide a better understanding of corporate SAIC, policies, and practices."
- Deanne Allen, Former Mentoree

Expert in the field of Mentoring...
"Kathy Wentworth Drahosz is a leading expert in the field of Mentoring. She not only brings us her wise insight from years of research in the field of mentoring, but she also provides a book full of proven and practical techniques and strategies for establishing and sustaining successful mentoring programs."
- Nichole Richmond, Former Mentoring Program Coordinator

This e-tool is fabulous!
"This e-tool is fabulous! It is intuitive and easy to navigate so I was able to complete the form with no problem at all. Great job!"
- Mentor

Outstanding Program...
"I wanted to send my sincere appreciation to TTC for an outstanding mentoring program. I learned a great deal about myself and what I need to do to succeed. The program was especially helpful to me since I had just recently come back to the organization after a seven-year absence (I had some catching up to do!). I would also like to thank you for the beautiful journal book."
- Former Mentoree

Thank you for all of your help...
"Thank you for all of your help. All of you are great. I really do appreciate all of the assistance and personal attention each of you provides. TMC is a large part of the reason our mentoring program is so successful. Thank you for all you do. Thank you."
- Kathy Stapleton